BoF on Co-development of NREN Services

DateTuesday 22 May
Time17:45 - 19:45
VenueDTU Building 303, Room D

NRENs often share similar goals, target groups, approach to technology, etc. There is obviously much room for collaboration and for joint co-development of services.

NRENs already work together to co-develop services within the framework of the GN2 Project or the TERENA Task Forces, but there are several NREN services which are not covered in any of those fora. This BoF intends to give NREN members a chance to share ideas about new services and about their joint development.

This is precisely one of the tasks that the TERENA Executive Committee entrusted to its Task Force on Life Cycle and Portfolio Management, which has, among its four Work Areas, one specifically aimed at the Exchange of Ideas about new NREN services. As part of this work area, a BoF was successfully organized during TNC 2006 in Catania. As a follow-up, we are organising this new BoF.

The target audience: Any NREN member interested in sharing ideas or cooperate with other NRENs in developing new services is welcome to attend this BoF.

If you know ahead of time that you plan to attend, we would appreciate if you would register for the event. It will assisit us with the logistics.