DTU Building 303, Room A

ASON/GMPLS - Networks and Services

The workshop is organised by the IST Project MUPBED.

This workshop will give an overview of the basic structure, characteristics and architecture of ASON/GMPLS control planes and how these translate in new network functions, applications and services. The workshop will contain a comprehensive control plane tutorial, given by well-known experts working in the current ASON/GMPLS standardisation and development, and a series of presentations given by MUPBED partners and key invited speakers, covering also practical experiences and findings.

Preliminary Agenda - Sunday 20 May
10:30-12:30 ASON/GMPLS tutorial
14:00-16:00MUPBED achievements
16:30-17:30Bandwidth-on-demand Services


NOTE: the MUPBED project has decided to subsidise this workshop. Therefore, the registation fee has now been reduced to 20 euro per participant.