BoF - International Collaboration Services in Education

DateTuesday 22 May
Time17:45 - 19:45
DTU, Building 303, Room A

Enabling educators to find other educators that share the same interests via an online "dating agency" is seen by many to be a fundamental service. This applies equally to those in schools, colleges, universities and research institutions, nationally and internationally. Furthermore, educators are always looking for high quality content, and educational content providers are also looking for ways to reach students and educators.

This meeting will:

  • Highlight existing services and developments;
  • Identify and discuss the key issues;
  • Discuss what services and tools educators and students might need;
  • Understand how Web 2.0 social software can help;
  • Identify a way forward to develop interoperable services for international collaboration.

The target audience is everyone interested in enabling international collaboration in education.