TERENA Technical Workshop

Using Authentication and Authorisation
Techniques in Multiple Environments

Date:Sunday 20 May
Time:10:30 - 16:00
Venue:DTU, Building 303, Room B

Aim of the Workshop

With more and more resources available to be accessed over the Internet, authentication and authorisation techniques have spread towards wider and wider areas of application. In practice, all types of services that are available online need to take into account issues related to authentication and authorisation. In addition, component parts of a service may be provided by different entities, which bring inter-domain issues onto consideration.

The members of TERENA Task Forces, TF-Mobility and TF-EMC2 have a broad range of expertise in the technologies involved in authenticating and authorising access to resources.

Potential users of these technologies come from the realtime collaboration community (TERENA's Task Forces ECS and VSS), the bandwidth-on-demand provisioning community, Grid services, etc. The workshop will facilitate the exchange of information across these communities.

Workshop Programme

List of the attendees

The list of the attendees is on-line .