Ciena Birds of Feather: Delivering Optimum Converged Architectures for Research Networks

DateTuesday 22 May
Time17:45 - 19:45
DTU Building 303, Room C

Today's emerging challenge for national and global research and education networks is to ensure they provide a seamless, highly available and rapidly provisioned end to end service to users. In order to deliver an optimum, converged architecture for research networks the following hurdles must be addressed:

  • Dynamic provisioning of connectivity
  • Interopability between networks, sites and countries
  • Intelligent optical control planes
  • The use of optical switching as a foundation for dynamic connectivity

Today's research networks also require seamless upgradeability to higher bandwidth technologies such as 40Gbps as well as such as 100 Gbps to meet longer-term requirements and ensure the network is future-proof.

Join Ciena and members of the NREN community to understand what they are doing to address these regional and global research networking requirements and how they are delivering optimum network architectures that are 40/and 100 Gbps ready.

Speakers: John-Paul Hemingway, Chief Technologist, Ciena EMEA and members of the NREN community