Dirk Kutscher

Dirk  Kutscher
E-mail: dku@tzi.org
Organisation: TZI (Center for Computing Technologies, University of Bremen) (DE)
Position: Senior Researcher
Profile: Dirk Kutscher is a senior researcher at TZI, the Centre for Computing Technologies at Universit├Ąt Bremen. He received his doctoral degree in engineering from Universit├Ąt Bremen in 2003. Dirk has continuously participated in IETF standardisation since 1998 and has co-authored two books, several Internet Drafts, RFCs and scientific publications. The current focus of his research is on architectures and communication protocols for challenged environments, and he is participating in the on-going research project Drive-thru Internet and other activities in the context of disruption-tolerant networking. More information is available at: http://www.tzi.org/~dku/

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