Cătălin Meiroşu

Cătălin Meiroşu
E-mail: catalin.meirosu@terena.org
Organisation: TERENA
Position: Project Development Officer
Profile: Cătălin Meiroşu has been working for TERENA since April 2006 as one of the Project Development Officers. He is responsible for the TERENA contribution in the NoAH project and is the secretary of the TF-CSIRT, TF-ECS and TF-VSS task forces.

Before joining TERENA, Cătălin obtained a PhD from the "Politehnica" University of Bucureşti, Romania, in July 2005. The research for his thesis was carried out at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. His research interests are centred on technologies for optical networks and measurement of end-to-end application performance over long distances.

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