List of all sessions

14:00 Opening Plenary Oticon - Plenary Sessions
Official Welcome
Global Change and the Ocean
16:00 1 A - European Trust Room A - 303
The eduGAIN Way
The Metadata Service: Distributing Trust in AAI Confederations
Deploying Authorisation Mechanisms for Federated Services in eduroam (DAME)
16:00 1B - Networks for e-Science - from the Depths of the Oceans to the Depths of the Universe Room B - 303
Taking the NREN on an Expedition around the Globe
Music from Volcanoes on the Network
e-VLBI: Using High-speed Networks to Enable New Astronomy
16:00 1C - Quality Infrastructure - e2e Room C - 303
BCrouter - High-performance Network Access Controller
AMPS & ANStool: Interoperability of Automated Tools for the Provisioning of QoS Services
End-to-End Service Level Agreement Provisioning and Monitoring for End-to-End QoS
16:00 1 D - Moving to the Arts and Social Sciences Room D - 303
The Virtual Arts Centre of The Future
A European Portal for the Art and Humanities
09:00 Plenary 2 Oticon - Plenary Sessions
The Three Ghosts of Multicast: Past, Present, and Future
New Age of the Internet: Challenges for the New Requirements
11:00 2A - Quality Service Management for NRENs Room A - 303
User Research, Portfolio and Lifecycle Management
Stimulating the Adoption of NREN Services
Delivering Quality Infrastructure: Going Beyond Technology
11:00 2B - Dude, Where's My Bandwidth? Room B - 303
Implementing Multi-Domain Monitoring Services for European Research Networks
Extending the IPFIX Protocol for Better QoS Monitoring
Operating an Optical Private Network: the Lessons Learned from LCG
11:00 2C - Identity Management in Campuses and Services Room C - 303
siLeDAP: Easing Interactions with Directories
Designing a Long-Term Integration Architecture for Provisioning
Interoperability of Shibboleth and gLite
11:00 2D - Beyond the Client-Server Paradigm Room D - 303
Enabling User-oriented Network Services in South East Europe
Building a Massively Scaleable Serverless Layer-2 VPN using Any Source Multicast
Sharing Audiovisual Content Using a P2P Environment Based in JXTA
14:00 3A - Protecting Users: Content Room A - 303
Using Traffic Analysis to Detect Email Spam
Content Filtering on Ireland's Schools Network: Delivering a Safer Online Environment for Irish Schools?
The Security Model of GÉANT2: a Co-operative Approach
14:00 3B - Monitoring at High Speed and within Regulations Room B - 303
CAIDA Activities
Monitoring JANET: from Photons to Flows
The Internet2 Network - A Hybrid Architecture for Research in the US
14:00 3C Technology for Federated Identity Management Room C - 303
Accounting for the Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) in Swiss Higher Education
Web Services and AAI: PAPI in the OSIRIS Platform
Liberty Alliance toward Next Generation of Identity-aware Applications.
14:00 3D - Beyond the Infrastructure Room D - 303
The DEISA Project's 10 Gb/s Network Infrastructure
Virtual Networks Performance using Xen
New Frontiers for Virtualised Networks
16:00 4A - Protecting Users: from a Network Management Perspective Room A - 303
IT Security Policies and Campus Networks: Translating IT Security Policy to Practical Campus Networking
A Study of the Geographic Spread and Security of Wireless Access Points
Upcoming Requirements from the US Law Enforcement Community to Technically Facilitate Network Wiretaps
16:00 4B - Emerging Optical Networking Technologies Room B - 303
Update on 40 Gbit/s
Intelligent Optical Networking for Flexible Ethernet Lightpath Delivery in Research Network
Optical Burst and Packet Switching
16:00 4C - Federations Get Together to Grant Access Room C - 303
The UK Access Management Federation
Towards Interconnecting the Nordic Identity Federations
Some Frontier Issues from the Wild, Wild West
16:00 4D - Overlaying the Infrastructure: a Research Perspective Room D - 303
OneLab: Federating Testbeds
The Latest Developments in GENI/FIND Projects and their Influence on the European Networking Community
Network Description Language - Semantic Web for Hybrid Networks
09:00 Plenary 3 Oticon - Plenary Sessions
Security Awareness at Board Level......Myth or Reality
The Future of Mobile Computing - R&D Activities in the Federal State of Bremen
11:00 5A - Mobile Access to Services Room A - 303
Supporting Network Access and Service Location in Dynamic Environments
In Between Underlay and Overlay: On Deployable, Efficient Group Communication Services
Why eduroam Sucks, and How to Fix It
11:00 5B - Lightpaths Room B - 303
Stitching of Technology Domains in GN2-JRA3
Lightpath Planning and Monitoring in SURFnet6 and NetherLight
Dynamic Lightpath Services on the Internet2 Network
11:00 5C - Building Security In Room C - 303
Security Design
Enterprise-wide Web Security Infrastructure
Internet Voting - a Menace to Society?
11:00 5D - Degrees of Presence - from Voice to High Definition Video Room D - 303
VoIP@FEUP , Improving the Way We Speak
Videoconferencing at K.U.Leuven, 12 Years of Experience
i2CAT Experiencies in Advanced SIP-based Communications: Neutral Points for ToIP Peering and High-definition Videoconferencing
14:00 6A - It's MyVirtualWorld Room A - 303
Virtual Lab for Marine Modelling
Videoconferencing from the City Halls, Glasgow
Rock IT 2007 Combining Music, Web2.0 and NREN Videoconferencing in UKSchools
14:00 6B - Lightpath Provisioning and the Future of Ethernet Lightpaths Room B - 303
The ESLEA Advanced Circuit Reservation Software
Can Ethernet Become the Lingua Franca of the Future Transport Infrastructure?
StarPlane: An Application-controlled Photonic Network
14:00 6C - Protecting the Infrastructure: Normal situation Room C - 303
Setting up a Grid-CERT - Experiences of an Academic CSIRT
Current Network Security threats: DoS, Internet Worms, and Botnets
Differences between in- and outbound Internet Backbone Traffic
14:00 6D - The "Triple Play" Rollercoaster Room D - 303
Opera Oberta Project
IPSphere Forum: Status on Technical Specifications
Triple Play in the University Environment; a Case Study
16:00 7A - The Weakest Link? - a panel discussion on campus networks Room A - 303
Jean-Marc Uze
Olaf Schjelderup
Michael Nowlan
Brian Gilmore
Jan Hof
16:00 7B - Effective Use of Resources Room B - 303
Evaluation of Scaleable CAPEX Models in ASON/GMPLS-based IP Networks
Automated Management of Large IP Networks
Using Temporal Locality for a Better Design of Flow-oriented Applications
16:00 7C - Catch Me If You Can! Room C - 303
Traffic Scanner - Hardware Accelerated Intrusion Detection System
Design and Implementation of an Anomaly Detection System for the GÉANT2 Network: a Statistical Approach
16:00 7D - Roaming and Internet Access Services Unleashed Room D - 303
Roll-out of wireless networks in the whole Dutch education
Extending SWITCH PWLAN with EAP-SIM, v2
On-Demand Provisioning of Ethernet Services over Multiple Network Domains by Using OIF UNI/E-NNI Inter-Domain Interfaces
09:00 8A - Enabling Users to Choose Bandwidth Room A - 303
A User Provisioning Tool for EoMPLS Services Based on UCLPv1
A Bandwidth-on-demand System Case Study Based on Experiences in the GN2 Project
Articulated Private Networks in UCLP
09:00 8B - Improving Data Transfer Performance Room B - 303
The Performance of High Throughput Data Flows for e-VLBI in Europe
Bandwidth-on-demand to Reach the Optimal Throughput of Media
Crashing Spacecraft and Crossing Continents: Summary of a Network Performance Investigation
09:00 8C - Novel Users Room C - 303
A Simulation Model for e-VLBI Traffic on Network Links in the Netherlands
Firewalling beyond 10Gbps
The Network for e-Science in CAS
09:00 8D - IPv6: Dead or Alive? Room D - 303
Is Global IPv6 Deployment on Track?
Utilising IPv6 over VPN to Enhance Home Service Connectivity
Network Transparency in a Mountain Rescue Domain
11:00 Closing Plenary Oticon - Plenary Sessions
The Google File System
Thanks and Farewell
Invitation to TNC 2008
14:00 2nd demo Room D - 303
16:00 Demo Room D - 303
Presentation for the PC meeting