5B - Lightpaths

Today's global research networks undoubtedly provide ample bandwidth and very high quality of service. Nevertheless, there is a growing demand for dedicated end-to-end circuits - "lightpaths" - be it for getting guaranteed bandwidth or be it for making sure that massive bulk traffic does not adversely affect network quality for the rest of us. Efficient mechanisms are crucial if such lightpaths have to be set up and torn down frequently. The talks in this session present three approaches to manage lightpaths, both in intra-NREN and cross-NREN situations.

Time: Wednesday, May 23 from 11:00 to 12:30
Location: Room B - 303
Chair: Felix Kugler SWITCH (CH)
Presentations in this session
Title Speaker
Stitching of Technology Domains in GN2-JRA3 Victor Reijs
Lightpath Planning and Monitoring in SURFnet6 and NetherLight Ronald van der Pol
Dynamic Lightpath Services on the Internet2 Network Rick Summerhill