7A - The Weakest Link? - a panel discussion on campus networks

The SERENATE report from December 2003 concludes that research networks are important, national assets. Further on, the report points out that the weakest links in the network chain is probably the campus networks. A stable national network structure is a prerequisite for the sector in order to provide a basis for the best possible education and advanced research activities. Who is strengthening the campus networks? How will a strengthened and extended e-infrastructure open for new areas of use and more advanced services?

Time: Wednesday, May 23 from 16:00 to 17:30
Location: Room A - 303
Chair: Martin Price EUNIS (GB)
Presentations in this session
Title Speaker
Jean-Marc Uze Jean Marc Uzé
Juniper Networks
Olaf Schjelderup Olaf Schjelderup
Michael Nowlan Michael Nowlan
Trinity College Dublin
Brian Gilmore Brian Gilmore
Jan Hof Jan Hof