8D - IPv6: Dead or Alive?

More than ten years after the decision about the successor of IPv4, the global penetration of IPv6 is still remarkably low. This session starts with a realistic overview on IPv6's current global deployment. The following talks present two examples of new applications, which profit from IPv6's vast, globally unique address space.

Time: Thursday, May 24 from 09:00 to 10:30
Location: Room D - 303
Chair: Felix Kugler SWITCH (CH)
Presentations in this session
Title Speaker
Is Global IPv6 Deployment on Track? Carlos Friaças
FCCN - Foundation for National Scientific Computing
Utilising IPv6 over VPN to Enhance Home Service Connectivity Karri Huhtanen
Tampere University of Technology
Network Transparency in a Mountain Rescue Domain Ben McCarthy
Lancaster University