8B - Improving Data Transfer Performance

Radio telescopes (e-VLBI) and media Grid computing are two good examples of applications requiring strict network performance. This session shows three performance tests made by these applications and how the use of some network services (lightpaths and PERT) and control protocols (GMPLS) will improve the results achieved.

Time: Thursday, May 24 from 09:00 to 10:30
Location: Room B - 303
Chair: Esther Robles RedIRIS (ES)
Presentations in this session
Title Speaker
The Performance of High Throughput Data Flows for e-VLBI in Europe Richard Hughes-Jones
Bandwidth-on-demand to Reach the Optimal Throughput of Media Brecht Vermeulen
IBBT-Ghent University
Crashing Spacecraft and Crossing Continents: Summary of a Network Performance Investigation Pekka Savola