Travel Voucher

You will receive a voucher that you can exchange for a public transport pass in the greater Copenhagen area when you register on site at DTU in Lyngby.

You will have to get to the DTU campus in order to register and receive your public transport voucher and pass.

From the Airport to Lyngby

To get to Lyngby from the airport, you need to take a train to the central station in Copenhagen and then an "S Train" out to Lyngby. For this, you will need a ticket for 5 zones, at DKK 45.50 (approx. €6.10). All in all, the trip to DTU from the airport takes just under an hour.

At the far end of the arrivals hall at Kastrup Airport (or Kastrup Lufthavn in Danish), there is a train station (underground) with ticket windows and ticket machines in the main hall.

Note that the train station at the airport has two platforms: one for trains in the direction of the Central Station (København H) and one in the direction of Malmö, which is in Sweden. Don't go to Sweden.

From the Airport to Central Copenhagen

If you are going to your hotel in the centre of Copenhagen, find out which station is closest to your hotel (either the Central station, known as København H, the Vesterport station, the Østerport station or the Nørreport station).

For the Central Station and Nørreport, you can take a direct train (the train that goes to Nørreport is the train to Nivå). For the other stations, you usually have to change at the Central Station. Vesterport is right next to the Central Station, so you may prefer to walk this short distance rather than change trains.

From Copenhagen to Lyngby

To get to Lyngby from Central Copenhagen you need a ticket on the "S Train" for 4 zones (38 DKK = approx. €6.10). The "S Train" schedule will be posted shortly. The trip takes approximately 20 minutes and there is a frequent service.

A useful journey planner is at - see the flags in the upper-right hand corner for a German or English version.

There will be TNC Shuttle Buses from the Lyngby Train Station to the DTU campus starting on Sunday morning, leaving approximately every 10 minutes. There will by staff at Lyngby station directing you to the shuttle buses. Note that these buses will run before and after the Conference programme every day, but not during.

Map of Lyngby. It is about 3 km from the station to the campus.